A Lack of Information

It is surprisingly difficult to find information on official church websites which direct someone to the appropriate people to report clerical offences too. I’ve managed to find some phone numbers which I can ask for advice on in regards to the process, but there are no clear descriptions online. This should be easier to find information on. By only displaying a couple of phone numbers the Church is not helping people to come forward. Information needs to be clearer. People need to be encouraged to report this stuff, not be restricted to secular sites for understanding, because this isn’t simply a police matter, this is a Church matter. This is two boards of review and questions, not one.

Over the past few months I have grown to distrust priests almost entirely. Of the two I have spoken to in the past, one somehow managed to forget he was meant to be finding someone for me to talk to about reporting (summer 2013) and the other, though helpful, never called to check how I was getting on. Where is the compassion? Where is the desire to better the world? Where is the Church I want?

Having not been to church for nine months now, I suppose I believe the Church as an institution will always have elements of corruption and in that sense will not always be an entirely safe place. And so, though I’m not sure I want to admit this and so do not wholeheartedly say this, perhaps there is no official Church which Christ could be proud of. But then again, “sin” is everywhere. But still… a “holy” institution which can be such a tool for pain? I’m not sure that is justified. Though I miss it every week. I deeply miss it.



    1. I’m afraid neither outline the process to me in regards to who I should call, but SNAP does look like a good support group and it looks like they would give me some of the information I want if I contact them. Thanks for the pointers

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