Contacting Safeguarding

National UK Safeguarding Number: 0207 467 5189 Mon-Fri 09-12:30

I called the above number this morning and by the afternoon the Safeguarding worker of the diocese in which my priest lives had phoned me, discussed the process with me, sent me her apologies and condolences for a difficult time and thanked me for calling. I was not required to give names at this point, and was told I would be contacted again soon to arrange a time for us to meet in person when I visit the area in the Easter break so that I can make my report.

So far the outline of the process I have looks like this:

  • Talk to the Safeguarding representative and make my report
  • If it is a criminal offence (it is), the police also come in and talk to me, at which point he is arrested
  • An announcement is made to the congregation by the diocese in collaboration with the police
  • He is almost certainly immediately suspended

Feeling good with more information and another step forward.


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